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Tire and Wheel Services for High-End Performance Cars and SUVs

Wheel & Tire Services
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Tire Replacement

Your car or SUV will perform at its best with the right tires – and all tires are not created equal. When you need to replace a blown or damaged tire or it is time for a full replacement, our team at Euroclassics Limited is here to help you get back behind the wheel, with your vehicle at peak performance. We stock all the best brands of performance tires. It is surprising how much the quality and alignment of your tires impact overall performance. Experience the joy of a vehicle that truly performs. Let us help you choose the tires that will perform best with your high-end, high-performance car or SUV.

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Tire alignment is the process in which the suspension of your vehicle is corrected so that it does not pull left or right or vibrate, and it protects your tires from the dangers of uneven wear. The angle of the tires is carefully adjusted so that they are in contact with the road correctly, as they were intended be. If your tires are out of alignment, various problems show up, such as uneven tread wear, pulling to one side or the other, vibrations, or worse. We take alignment seriously, and recommend frequent alignment checks to avoid the dangers of stress on your vehicle. Our professional team is focused upon servicing high-end vehicles and getting them performing at their best. Need to get an alignment? You’ll be pleased to feel the difference when you get back behind the wheel.

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Ready to enhance your high-end vehicle with custom wheels? We can help. We offer factory and after-market wheels, and will help you find the style you want to give your car or SUV something special. Our wheel options include models that are forged or modular, with silver, satin black, gloss black, charcoal or custom-painted spokes, and a wide range of other designs and models to enhance your car or SUV. We provide custom wheels for foreign vehicles including Mercedes, BMW, Mini-Cooper, Audi, Porsche, Jaguar, and other high-performance vehicles. Turn heads when your high-end vehicle rolls in with custom wheels. Check out all the options we offer, and take advantage of our knowhow if you want to upgrade your vehicle. We love getting involved in vehicle enhancements – and we are ready to help.

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Rotation & Balance

Does your auto shop balance and rotate your tires at every service? At Euroclassics Limited, we care about you and your vehicle. You must have your tires rotated and balanced at every service appointment to keep your car or SUV performing right. Tire balancing involves establishing the optimum balance on the tire and wheel assembly, and correcting any fault. The performance of your vehicle can be greatly enhanced by ensuring your tires are rotated and balanced regularly – it is part of our standard service. You love the performance of your car or SUV, so let us help you keep it gripping the road – both for the joy of driving and for the safety of you and your passengers. Tires that are out-of-balance can create a vibration that will progress and worsen if not resolved. As European vehicles have a more sensitive steering and suspension, keeping your tires balanced is very important. Protect your vehicle, your tires, and your safety, and let us rotate and balance your tires at your next service appointment.