Euro Specialists Since 1982

Euro Specialists Since 1982

Euro Specialists Since 1982

Euro Specialists Since 1982

Euro Specialists Since 1982

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European Automotive Service Specialists in Durham, NC

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About Us

Euroclassics LTD uses state-of-the-art computer diagnostic services and repair equipment. We pride ourselves on the ability to answer any questions you have about your vehicle. We provide free estimates of all our services, guarantee all of our work, and accept after-market warranties on all cars. Learn more about our performance modifications. Our dedicated sales staff and expert technicians are a one-stop-shop for all of your automotive needs. Euroclassics Limited’s expertise with German Engineering has been the driving factor behind our strong repeat customer base. Contact us today for more information.

Why Us?

  • Independent Shop
  • More Affordable Alternative than a Dealer
  • 2 Year 24000 Mile Warranty
  • Family Business with a Personal touch
  • Excellent Reviews and a Stellar Track Record of Success
  • Military/Student Discounts Available
  • Interest-Free Financing Available

Great employees and owners. Great working atmosphere and happy environment. Steady clientele of regular customers. Professional automotive work performed by seasoned well trained techs.


I won’t buy a car from anywhere else and I won’t have anyone else service my cars!!!  If you want to have THAT type of feeling, go visit Euroclassics. This family owned business has thrived for so long because of their honesty, integrity, and knowledge.  As a business owner, it is great to see other businesses take customer service so serious.  I recommend all my clients to these guys and am very happy I found them!


Performance Services

You value precision, power and sophistication in your car. Let Euroclassics take it to the next level. Our techs are experts in pulling more horsepower and performance from your car. Learn more about our high performance services and schedule an appointment today.

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